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Membership Application

Applications for membership of the College are considered and approved regularly at the Fellowship and Membership committee- and then ratified by Council. After ratification by Council, membership confirmation letters are sent out within one month.

The dates for acceptance of application for membership - in time for the next Council are as follows:

Fellowship & Membership committee meeting:Forms to be received byRatified by Council on
July 2014End of June 201417th July 2014
1st September 201425th August 20144th September 2014

PLEASE NOTE:  On the 14th March 2013, Council reviewed the membership bylaws of the College to ensure they are in order and have recently decided to remove byelaw 11 b i 2 Fellowship by Election. Council were aware that byelaw 11 b i 2 Fellowship by Election existed to allow the conversion of Fellows of the Faculty of Emergency Medicine, one of the two parent bodies at the time of merger with the British Association of Emergency Medicine, to Fellows of the College of Emergency Medicine. As such this bylaw was a 'legacy instrument' and no longer required. Although in theory a Fellow of the Faculty of Emergency Medicine could apply for Fellowship by Election, no such applications have been received for many years and this probability can now be discounted. Council were concerned that unlike all other membership categories there were no objective criteria within the bylaw with which to evaluate any application. This lack of clarity was unhelpful to applicants and the College alike and would likely make any decision appear arbitrary. 

This means that there will be no more applications approved for Fellowship by Election.  To become a Fellow you must have passed the FCEM or equivalent in other recognised Emergency Medicine Colleges e.g. be a Fellow of the Australisian College of Emergency Medicine.

Once approved your membership will commence after council ratification, except for the December council meeting when your membership will commence from 2014.  

Please note that if you are approved at the March, May, July and September Council, your membership subscription will be pro-rata for the year. Also if you are approved at the December Council and eligible for the EMJ or requested the EMJ, the journal will commence from January 2014.

The details of the membership categories and eligibility requirements can be seen in the documents below, as well as the application forms.  If however you are unsure what Membership category may apply to you, please look at Membership Categories decision making document which may help with your decision.

The documents that are required for membership applications are:

  • appropriate membership application form
  • Direct Debit Instruction (this is our preferred method of collecting subscriptions and this method of payment can be annual, quarterly or monthly.  No other method of payment can be allowed for quarterly or monthly payments)
  • Equal Opportunities form

Information about reduced subscriptions

Several Royal Colleges have reduced subscription rates to their College for Fellows and Members in Emergency Medicine, the relevant document can be seen by clicking on the link (embedded in the Information about reduced subscriptions heading) above.

Application forms and other relevant information regarding membership are available below. 

Please note that the membership category of Membership by Election is not applicable for any new members.  All existing Members by Election will remain as is unless their circumstances change.

Membership Application FormsMembership Financial informationGeneral Membership Information
Associate Membership FormMembership Subscriptions for 2014Quick Guide to Membership Rights and Privileges
Associate Fellowship FormDirect Debit InstructionChange of Circumstances - Membership
Membership by Exam Application FormRetiring Fellows and RevalidationEqual Opportunities Form
Fellowship Ad Eundem formMembership Subscriptions and Training FeesCareer Progression in Emergency Medicine
Fellowship by Examination FormFellows working in the Republic of IrelandPrivacy notice
Affiliate Membership Form Use of College Post-Nominals