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Vision Statement


FASSGEM has a vision statement encapsulating its objectives and purposes as an organisation:


SAS positions are considered to be essential to the provision of safe effective emergency care to patients in the UK and Ireland.


  • To achieve membership of RCEM and FASSGEM by all SAS doctors working in EM
  • To ensure that SAS doctors working in EM will be welcomed as members of the College and given equal opportunities to the rights and privileges
  • To ensure that SAS doctors are welcomed as members of the clinical team in their departments and their contributions to patient care valued
  • To provide an effective system of communication between members of CEM/FASSGEM
  • To encourage and support CPD for all SAS doctors in EM
  • To promote the development of opportunities for SAS doctors in EM to learn and progress in their career pathway.
  • To provide an interface with CEM
  • To participate in and contribute to all RCEM activities and committees
  • To provide a value for money Conference annually for CEM/FASSGEM members

This mission is delivered in UK and the Republic of Ireland primarily through the activities of its Officers and Executives through their representational roles in CEM.

Each aspect of the activities and resources of FASSGEM are regularly updated in the light of work being done by a number of taskforces and other groups. A risk register pertinent to FASSGEM and its activities is also maintained. This is available to read from AGM Minutes and reports from Officers and Executives (Regional Reps).