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Revalidation is the way in which the General Medical Council (GMC) regulates licensed doctors, giving extra confidence to patients that their doctors are up to date and fit to practise.

Licensed doctors will have to revalidate, usually every five years, by having regular appraisals that are based the GMC core guidance for doctors, Good Medical Practice.

Revalidation will be introduced in December 2012, with the majority of licensed doctors being revalidated for the first time by the end of March 2016.

Only doctors who have a licence to practise will need to revalidate.

Revalidation will:

  • Provide a focus for doctors' efforts to maintain and improve their practice
  • Encourage the organisations in which doctors’ work to support them in keeping their practice up to date
  • Encourage patients and the public to provide feedback about the medical care they receive
  • Contribute to improving the quality of patient care and providing assurance to patients, the public and employers.


Sources of Information

The NHS Revalidation Support Team in England has produced the Medical Appraisal Guide (MAG) which should be read in conjunction with GMC guidance setting out generic requirements for medical practice and appraisal in three main documents:

Good Medical Practice (GMC, 2013)

Good Medical Practice Framework for Appraisal and Revalidation (GMC, 2011)

Supporting information for appraisal and revalidation (GMC, 2012)