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News from EMTA Committee

Happy New Year and we hope that you all managed some sort of break over the festive period to help you cope with the extreme pressure that we are currently facing at work.

The College is maintaining a high profile in the media and CEM President Cliff Mann spoke to the Parliamentary Select Committee this week, during which he covered some of the issues facing trainees, including retention.  See clips

We need more evidence to strengthen our argument regarding the problems of retention.  If you or any of your colleagues is leaving Emergency Medicine we would be grateful if you would contact us (either or with details, which we will of course use anonymously.  There has been a recent update on the changes to exams and WBPAs and information regarding this can be found at  There is also plenty of Twitter chat #cemexams.

We are trying to maintain a list of all of the LETB trainee reps, so that we can disseminate information more easily amongst all trainees around the country.  We are still trying to identify the reps for Wessex, N East and W Scotland, if anyone can help with this please contact us.

Katie Archer & EMTA Committee

"A&E: Fact not Fiction"

‘A&E Departments: Fact not Fiction – What you need to know to make your Emergency Department work Summit

Date – Wednesday 4th March 2015

Venue – British Library Conference Centre


Event Overview

The College of Emergency Medicine ‘A&E Departments: Fact not Fiction – What you need to know to make your Emergency Department work,’ will be a one day policy event held on Wednesday 4th March 2015 at the British Library Conference Centre.

Hardly a week has gone by in 2014 in the UK without there being media coverage of the challenges which face Accident and Emergency Departments. Much of the news has been quite sensationalist and there is much speculation around the underlying issues fuelling these challenges. 

This conference will seek to address widespread misinformation surrounding the delivery of emergency care in the UK.   Through interactive conference sessions this event will unpick popular myths and correct their implications for manager and practioners. Policy proposals and accountable actions will be identified which can offer workable solutions to the real challenges which face emergency medicine.

The core themes which will be covered at this conference are:

-Why do patients come to the A&E
-Why do patients keep being admitted to hospital
-Why patients aren’t sent home
-Exit Block – much more than the 4 hour target
-Why altering the A&E brand does not work
-Fair funding
-Staffing and workforce
-7 day working
-Data and informatics

Suggested attendances: This event is open to primary care practioners, secondary care consultants, trust executives and hospital managers, CCG Chairs and Board members.


For any enquiries please contact Matt Chorley on

Emergency Medicine Educators Conference

Coventry, 16 March 2015


This is designed for anyone who educates in a time critical fashion- ED/PED/ITU/Cardiac arrests... It is absolutely not just for people who see themselves as "educationalists", it is for all of us who want to give great educational experiences.

A stellar line up of EM clinicians to inspire, enthuse and equip you to deliver on the shop floor and beyond.

Really- it is going to be great, CPD points, food, workshops, motivated individuals. Save £25 by booking your early bird rate for only £50 now!

Register early for reduced fee.  See for details.


EuSEM (European Society of Emergency Medicine) Refresher Course, Croatia, 28-31 May 2015


For trainees looking for an excuse to combine travel and education, this course covers shock, limb-threatening injuries, minor injuries and hyperbaric emergencies.  See or flyer in the 'documents' section above for details.

New EM website

Heartlands ED (in the West Midlands) have developed a new website to help people keep up to date with relevant EM topics in evidenced based medicine, new guidelines, clinical skills and training in Emergency Medicine. They have just begun adding SAQs as a preparation aid for those of you who have the pleasure of preparing for exams! This has been partly funded through deanery funds to support workforce development and faculty development in Emergency Medicine and has been supported by other trusts throughout the region in developing clinical skills videos and podcasts also.

You'll find the website at

As new features and questions are added there will be notes on our twitter account @HEFTEMCAST and on the Facebook page.

They are very keen to hear any feedback you have as they plan to expand the resources over the few months and would like to tailor it to demand. Contact them with your feedback at


Registrar/Clinical Fellow posts in Dublin

The Mater Hospital in Dublin is the national centre for spinal surgery, ECMO and cardiothoracics and has a high acuity, inner-City ED with numbers approaching 57,000 attendances per annum, with registrars and basic trainees in EM.  They have secured support for some interesting registrar/clinical fellow positions, which include paid protected teaching time in radiology/ultrasound, e-learning, trauma and ICU/critical care medicine.  These are unique in Ireland/possibly elsewhere.  See job descriptions below, or see website for further details.,37703,en.html

EM/Imaging post
Clinical Fellow (Registrar level) in Emergency Medicine/Emergency Imaging - 2 positions available - These posts are designed to provide the successful candidate with specialised training in emergency medicine and imaging in one of the busiest emergency floors (including a dedicated emergency imaging department) in the country. Fellows will be exposed to all aspects of emergency care (adult) and a broad spectrum of emergency imaging, and will co-ordinate monthly Emergency Medicine/Radiology teachng meetings. Depending on the existing level of ultrasound experience, Fellows will be expected to achieve Level 1 competency in Emergency Ultrasound (ultrasound experience preferred but not necessary) or gain competency in at least 3 of 10 level 2 modalities (for a candidate already signed of at level 1). There will also be teaching and scope for education and research in all aspects of emergency imaging including CT/plain films/nuclear medicine and MRI. Successful candidates will be allocated protected weekly training time in the relevant imaging areas including ICU, ECHO, Vascular and Diagnostic imaging departments (approx. 30% of WTE). The remainder of the clinical commitment is to the emergency floor. [Worth noting that the Mater has a fellowship trained emergency radiologist who you will be working with - Ed]

EM Education post
Emergency Medicine Education Fellow (Registrar level) 1 position available a unique opportunity to engage in a quality improvement program (in keeping with new developments in career progression in Emergency Medicine) in the Mater Hospital involving protected time per week developing departmental teaching including the online SHO induction/education website, online guidelines for the department and the hospital, in addition to a clinical registrar commitment. (Approx 30% WTE in educational training).

Trauma clinical fellow
Clinical Fellow (Registrar level) in Emergency Trauma - 1 position available - the successful candidate will have protected weekly teaching in trauma/plastic surgery clinics and will have responsibility for co-ordinating trauma team organisation, audit and research, with opportunities for training in emergency trauma and musculoskeletal radiology in addition to a clinical registrar commitment (Approx. 30% WTE dedicated to Trauma training).

EM/ICM post
Emergency Medicine/Critical  Care Registrar comprising 9 months Registrar in Emergency Department plus 3 months in ICU, involving collaboration with Critical Care department for joint educational meetings and protocol guideline development offering opportunities for inter/intradepartmental quality improvement programs in keeping with new developments in career progression in Emergency Medicine.

Emergency Medicine & Prehospital Care posts

These Middle Grade/Clinical Fellow posts in North Wales are entering their third year and are now open for application.  Six- or twelve-month posts are available, starting February or August.  See the attached flyer in the 'documents' section above, visit the website at or contact the lead consultants Linda Dykes & Rob Perry via their secretary, 01248 384384 x4003.


   Simulation and Medical Education

The College lead for simulation is keen to get a group together who have an interest in simulation/medical education, please e-mail for more information, including details of your current experience, qualifications and details of any OOPE activity. 


Exam updates 

Some important changes have been made to the MCEM and FCEM examination regulations recently: specifically:

- MCEM Part A can now be sat from FY1 onwards

- There is no longer any need to submit an 'intention-to-sit' form for MCEM part B and C

- Candidates are strongly advised to sit MCEM parts B and C early in the CT2 year where possible

- MCEM Part C sittings will now take place three times a year rather than twice

- The intention-to-sit form is still required for FCEM and don't forget that you need to submit an application form as well

- From Spring 2013, trainees scoring very highly or very poorly on the CTR will no longer be required to undergo a viva


- The critical appraisal paper can now be sat from ST4 onwards and trainees are recommended to sit this separately from the rest of FCEM where possible

MCEM Part A Revision Facebook Page 

One of the London HSTs has set up a Facebook page to help those revising for Part A: see 

    Essential reading for all trainees...

There have been several important documents from the College regarding strategies for facing the current overcrowding pressures and workforce crisis.  Some of these are included in the 'documents' section above, for others see the main College website.