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MCEM Part A examination June 2015 is now open for registration

Please click here to register

Online registration will automatically close at 11.59pm (GMT time) on Friday 10 April 2015.

Any applications not submitted by this time will not be considered for the June sitting of the MCEM Part A Examination.

Please be aware that we will not be accepting any late or paper application forms for the examination. All examination fees must be paid for online; we will not be accepting any card payments over the telephone, bank transfers or cheques.


MCEM Part C results – published 6th March 2015

The MCEM Part C results for the sitting in London in February 2015 are now available to download MCEM Part C February 2015 results

Candidates who are unsuccessful in the February 2015 sitting of the Part C will be permitted to sit the examination in the Autumn 2015 by applying online to resit the examination via the College’s website.  The application process for the Autumn will open at the beginning of June.

Priority for Part C places will be given to CT3 trainees or potential applicants for ST4 and thereafter by date of application. It is likely that there will not be sufficient places in the November 2015 diet and candidates may be deferred to February 2016. There will be no grounds for appeal against the allocation of places.

If you do not know your candidate number please refer to previous correspondence. Please do not email or telephone the office.

For those candidates that failed Part C feedback will be sent in due course.

The next sitting of the Part C is 23rd – 27th November in London, the closing date for the completed online application form(s) and appropriate fees is 10th July 2015.

Those candidates that have now failed the Part C four times will now be required to retake the Part B examination.  The next available Part B examination is the 8th October 2015.    Those candidates who have exceeded the four years permitted to complete the full MCEM examination will be required to retake MCEM Part A.  The next available diet is in June and the online application process is now open.


MCEM Part A Examination - June 2015 diet - Published 27 February 2015

Due to the uncertainty in Cairo at this present time the College has made the decision to cancel the June sitting of the MCEM Part A Examination in Egypt. 

Candidates that would have sat the Part A examination in Egypt will need to apply and sit the examination in either India or the UK.



Entry to the Membership Examination of the Royal College of Emergency Medicine (MCEM) is based on regulations published on the College’s website. These regulations are updated regularly and candidates are advised to look at the regulations for the diet of the current and future examinations before applying.

MCEM Regulations Spring 2015 onwards

A trainee who is otherwise eligible may take MCEM Parts B and C, 36 months after qualification as a doctor (including internship/FY1 year). In the UK this is during the second year of Emergency Medicine training in ACCS although many candidates find it helpful to delay the examination until entry into the third year of training in the UK (CT3).

For trainees enrolled on the Emergency Medicine training programme at Apollo Hospitals in India, this will usually be after the end of their second year of Emergency Medicine training even though they might be enrolled in a three-year training programme.

It is recognised that the examination itself is but one part of the development and evidence of competence needed for autonomous practice after completion of core Emergency Medicine training. Additional experience will be needed over and above the 36 months minimum for eligibility to the exam to practice autonomously.  

Overseas trainees need not be enrolled in a particular hospital’s training programme as long as the post includes formal training opportunities (lectures/tutorials) and the candidate can demonstrate that they have had regular appraisal and educational development meetings. These will usually be records of appraisal meetings and of educational sessions attended/course certfiicates.

Candidates who wish for overseas experience to be counted, MUST ensure every post has been signed off by the educational supervisor. Failure to complete the form correctly will mean that you will not be accepted for the examination.

Please note you must have a valid visa before applying for the examination.

Regulations for international examinations are available here.


Appeals procedure for FCEM & MCEM

Resus Guidelines

The College recommends following the UK Resuscitation Council guidelines and ATLS guidelines. However, candidates who work in hospitals that use different guidelines may state the name/source of the  alternative guideline  (for example ERC or AHA) they are following if it differs from the UK guidelines.  The College recommends following the most recent UKRC guideline – but when these change, it is acceptable to state the old guideline for up to 6 months after the change.

Preparing for the examination

Candidates should note that the exam requires considerable preparation. The College recommends that candidates have the best chance of success in the exam if they are closely supervised in the period of preparation. Specifically the College recommends that the candidate receives regular focused training in clinical skills and regular feedback on their performance. This supervision and support would appear to be crucial in success, as evidenced by the success rate of the trainees in taking the examination compared to doctors who do not have the standard of supervision received in training posts.

MCEM Results Autumn 2011 – Summer 2012:

% of candidates who passed - non trainees% of candidates who passed - trainees
Part A



Part B



Part C



MCEM Applications

The Syllabus and curriculum for the Part A and Part B/C can be found on the curriculum page of this website Curriculum from August 2010

Please note that candidates who are re-sitting the MCEM Part C (OSCE) will not have priority places reserved for them in the OSCE. Therefore in order to ensure that you have a place in the OSCE, candidates for resits are advised to apply immediately after the last diet for the subsequent diet.

International Centres

The Membership Examination (Part B and C)  is held in India twice a year.